Kim Kanonarm Köbke plays Gyruss for 58 hours

Kim Kanonarm (“canon arm”) Köbke inserted a coin in an arcade machine, and sets new world record with 58 hours 43 minutes of non-stop Gyruss playing.

Kim Kanonarm already had the world record in playing Gyruss, as he earlier played 49 hours 16 minutes. Recently he went for 100 hours straight, but unfortunately he failed as he died after 58 hours 43 minutes. He scored a total of 69 million points.

Even though he broke his own world record with almost 10 hours, Kim Kanonarm was not satisfied:

“I’m disappointed. I lost all my lives. My reactions was slower in the late hours, even though you couldn’t tell.”

Kim also said to Danish television, that the only thing that mattered was 100 hours.

The arcade machines are not built to do this kind of extreme marathons. In the 80’s, the local grill used to turn off their arcade machines when Kim Kanonarm walked in, to avoid him playing all day for just 2 crowns (0,25 €). But the machine also has a built in function, to prevent people from playing 100 hours. Apparently the game resets if you reach 256 extra lives, and you cannot see more than 5.

“Last night, Kim Kanonarm had 250 lives, so we didn’t take any risks. That allowed him to go to the bathroom, get a bit sleep, while the machine was just using extra lives.”

Once Kim was down to 20 lives, he started again.
We congratulate Kim with his new World Record, and hope to see an attempt to go for 100 hours again soon.