DK Sampler 2016 – Parkour and Freerunning from Danmark

See DK Sampler 2016 below

The DK Sampler 2016 is now ready with a bunch a sweet clips from some of the Danish traceurs, freerunners and trickers. The sampler includes some of the last clips we will see from the JiYo Park, and at the same time some of the first clips from the parkour gym at Sorø Gymnastikefterskole. A huge thank you to those who sent in footage.

Performers: Bjarke Hellden – Dennis Asp – Hirad Mamaghaei – Malthe Poulsen – Martin Wilkenhauser – Peter Juel Nielsen – Poul Partved – Simon Robinson

Idea og initiative:
Freerun Denmark // Dennis Asp

Freerun Denmark // Dennis Asp

Action Bronson – Imported Goods


About the project:

Dk Sampler is a project from the late 2010, which became the DK Sampler 2010. At that time all Danish performers and performers visiting and training i Denmark could participate. Today only Danish practitioners are included, but the clips can be recorded anywhere in the world.
The sampler was released in 2010, 2011 and 2012 with clips from that year. Unfortunately the project died out a little, and had a break in 2013-2015. Luckily there was a bit more backing to the project this year, even though not many participated. On the other hand those who did sent footage, sent some really good stuff – thank you.

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