DK Sampler 2012 – Parkour and Freerunning from Danmark

Here is the third edition of DK Sampler with loads of great parkour and freerunning from Danish athletes.


August Søndergaard – Christoffer Stenmann – Daniel Machado – Dennis Asp – Filip Dabrowski – Jonas Strøyberg Jensen – Jonas Thorsager – Kristian Schlüter – Louis Peter Hedegaard Normand – Mads Friis Bornebusch – Mathias Brogaard – Mathias Sjødahl – Mikkel Quist – Morten Kristensen – Natalia Ivanova – Oliver Thomas Belle Lindenskov – Rasmus Laursen – Sang Nguyen – Simon Sattmann Johansen – Søren Olin Buchholt – Troels Andersen

Idea and initiative:
Dennis Asp – Freerun Denmark

Dennis Asp

RJD2 – Since we last spoke
Lisa Miskovsky – Still Alive

About DK Sampler:
DK Sampler is a project from the end of 2010 starting with the DK Sampler of 2010. At the time every Danish performer and foreigners training in Denmark could participate. Today only Danes are included in the project, but their footage can be filmed outside of Denmark however.
The Sampler has been released in 2010, 2011 and 2012 with clips from the elapsed year. Unfortunately the project died out for a while, and had a pause from 2013-2015. Luckily there was a little more support for the project coming out of 2016, even though it was not as much as expected.

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