DK Sampler is back!

After a 4 years break the DK Sampler is back in a 2017 version.

DK Sampler 2013 sadly didn’t make it, and the project have been hibernating ever since. Now the project is back, and it will be a personal project in cooperation with Freerun Denmark.

Like the previous years, the project is open for anyone who are practicing parkour, freerunning and tricking. Even though it has been debated weather or not to seperate parkour/freerunning from tricking, I have decided to welcome tricking in the sampler. We try to find a balance between including everyone interested regardless of their skill, while trying to keep a certain standard in the video.

How can I participate?

If you practice parkour, freerunning or tricking in Denmark, you can participate no mather your experience or skill level. We try not to exclude anyone, but prioritize clips of high quality, that counting both the technical video stuff and the moves themselves.
The only thing you need to do, is finding your best clips from 2016, upload them (se more below) and sende the link at

Deadline: 20th of december 2016 – 23:59


– Recorded in 2016
– Recorded in full HD (1920×1080)
– Uploaded to a site where it can be downloaded (examples below)
– You have the rights to all the clips, or the owner you send them from have agreed to participate.

Still frames/photographs are also welcome-

Free upload to sites like:
Google Drive
EF Share

How are the clips chosen?

We try to include everyone who send footage in the sampler. If you send many clips, it is likely that you well be represented more times in the video, but no promises. From here we choose the most beautiful scenes, the most difficult (or prettiest) moves, or clips that there aren’t many alike.
Clips with good moments from a healthy spirring parkour community are also great to watch.
We really hope that many will join us, and help spread the word. Please share in your network, so as many as possible can participate in the DK Sampler 2017.
We gladly accept music suggestions or songs from traceurs in bands – you will of course be credited.