Photos: Winter Season in Whistler

The adventure of my life began, when I went to Canada to pursue an old dream. I have blogged a bunch about my journey already. You can read it all here.  The snow has just started falling over Canada again, so what better time to publish this post almost two years after i went, and as the last of my housemates are leaving.

Below is the short story in images with a short comment. You can also watch the long version in video here: Video Canada/Whistler 2015/2016 season edit

If youare thinking about going, don’t hesitate to leave any question you might have in the comment section below.

Click the photos to see them and the comments.


Here are the two shots by Mike McGlinchey, my house mate, from Green Lake one night after I left.

Green Lake Stars_Mike
Green Lake at night. Photo: Mike McGlinchey
Green Lake stars 2_Mike
Green Lake at night. Photo: Mike McGlinchey

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