While traveling in Canada and the United States from October 20th 2015 – June 16th 2016, i quite enjoyed writing. Originally I wanted to share a few photos and experiences from my trip on a little travel blog for my friends and family to see. When I found the time, I loved putting my thoughts on paper, find the right pictures and set it up on the website. I intend to continue doing that.

Dennis Asp

The oldest post on the blog, is from a former website project, Byte-me.dk. It was a gaming blog I had with a few friends, and I’ve kept my articles from that project. There may still be some more gaming related post. Besides that, the blog holds a lot of post from my travel adventures.

Unfortunately I cannot spend all my time traveling, snowboarding and gaming, so the subjects on the site will include various other topics.
I will use the site to discuss politics (mostly on the Danish page), and write about parkour or whatever I’m into at any given moment, along with using it as an exhibition for my photographs and videos.

About me

I’m a creative guy, who likes working on small projects in my spare time. I have allways loved sports, and at some level been involved with soccer, skateboarding, rollerblading, parkour, sailing, skiing, snowboarding, running, dancing, road cycling, mountainbiking, strenght training, gymnastics, table tennis, basketball etc. For that reason it felt natural, to complete a bachelor degree in sports science from University of Copenhagen. I later decided, that the life on the academics was not for me.

Professionally I owned  the company Freerun Denmark untill 2022, that offered workshops, shows etc. in parkour and freerunning. Besides that I have taught at various venues in parkour, breakdance, elementary school and half a season of snowboard instructing i Whistler, Canada.
Since I turned 15 I have been working at the cultural centre Tapperiet. First I was a volounteer, but later I was hired, and worked on many culture projects as staff in café/bar, event coordination, crowd safety, stage hands and as member of the board.

Birth: May 3rd 1991
Nationality: Danish
Education: B.Sc. Sports Science, snowboard instructor (CASI level II),

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I enjoy gaming as either relaxation or as competitiv entertainment, as well as the nostalgic experience of finding my old Game Boy og PlayStation 1. Therefore that is partly what the blog is about.
I’m up for a challenge – my highscores are at Cyberscore. Here you can compare records on a single game, a series og across all games you can think off.
Find me there.

Yosemite, Califonia