DK Sampler 2011 – Parkour and freerunning from Denmark

Here is the second edition of DK Sampler, assembling a bunch of traceurs and free runners from Denmark and their clips from 2011. Version 2010 is available on YouTube, but since the sound has been blocked, I will not post in on the website.

Everyone had the chance to participate again in 2011, and a total of 25 Danes chose to send in footage.

Due to last years debate on whether or not foreign performers visitng Denmark could participate, I had decided that only Danish performers could be part of the project this year. And that was okay, cause I recieved loads of footage.



André Mysander Jarlstrøm – Andreas Fogh – Andreas Østermark Larsen – Benno Risbjerg – Bjarne Risbjerg – Christopher Holsgaard Sørensen – Daniel Halkjær – Daniel Machado – Dennis Asp – Frederik Hoffmann Andersen – Jesper André Sørensen – Johan Witt – Jonas Evers – Kasper Lillelund Sørensen – Kemal Kinali – Lasse Smed – Louis Peter Hedegaard Normand – Mads Friis Bornebusch – Mikkel Quist Kümler – Niklas Magdal Jensen – Nikolaj Smed – Oliver Holsgaard Sørensen – Rasmus Laursen – Søren Buchholt – Theis Christensen Pirchert

Idea og initiative:
Freerun Denmark // Dennis Asp

Freerun Denmark // Dennis Asp

I know a Place – Katalyst
Holler High – Sort Sol

About DK Sampler:
Dk Sampler is a project from the late 2010, which became the DK Sampler 2010. At that time all Danish performers and performers visiting and training i Denmark could participate. Today only Danish practitioners are included, but the clips can be recorded anywhere in the world. The sampler was released in 2010, 2011 and 2012 with clips from that year. Unfortunately the project died out a little, and had a break in 2013-2015. Luckily there was a bit more backing to the project this year, even though not many participated. On the other hand those who did sent footage, sent some really good stuff – thank you.