8 great multiplayer games perfect for your next LAN-party

Here is 8 great multiplayer games perfect for your next LAN-party.

When you have gathered the boys for an all-night gaming session, you don’t want to waste time agreeing on a multiplayer game you want to play, and that everyone owns. Here is my suggestions to multiplayer games that will set you up for the whole night – see each game demonstrated in the video below.

Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne

Warcraft is a great multiplayer game, due to its many mods, that each makes it a whole new game. Also, someone always has a portable installation – a folder you can just copy to your hard drive, and game on. Here is a list of my favorite mods:

Legion TD (2-8 players)

In legion TD you play together as teams, and that even works when you are an uneven number of players. Each players has its own lane to protect by building towers, and will be attacked by waves of creeps during the game. These lanes will obviously become stronger and stronger. If you leak creeps, they will run towards your team’s king in the middle. Here they will meet your teammates’ remaining towers (if any), and try to pass them to get to your king. In addition to each wave, you can send creeps to your opponents to increase your income, or to kill their king and win the game.
Legion TD is a perfect multiplayer game if you play with inexperienced Warcraft players, since it’s pretty simple and relatively slow. In addition, you never get so far, that the huge amounts of creeps causes lag, as in Hero Line War i.e.

Warlock (2-12 Players)

In the Warlock mod you play in an arena, that gradually shrinks during each round. Each player controls a warlock, and attempts to kill the other warlocks by attacking them with their abilities, or by knocking them out of the arena, where they will quickly lose their health points.
You play a fixed number of rounds, and between each round you are allowed to spend gold on ability upgrades and items.
Warlock is a more complex mod that the tower defense mods, but is great fun once you get the hang of it. At times when spells are flying around all over the arena, and you accidently deselected your warlock – which suddenly disappeared from the screen – the game becomes completely chaotic… So remember to bind your warlock to a key (i.e CTRL + 1)

Nightstalker TD (2-6 Players)

Like legion TD Nightstalker tower defense it quite simple. Waves of creeps will enter your lane, and you need to kill them before they stack in number to a certain amount and you lose the game. Unlike Legion TD, you creeps stay in your lane, walking around in a square, until you kill them – the longer you take, there more there will be.
You will automatically send creeps to the person next to you, so you will need to upgrade the creeps, so that your opponents towers cannot keep up with the incoming creeps. At the same time, you need to build and upgrade your basic towers to one of the 6 different kinds of towers, to avoid getting surpassed.

Risk (2-12 Players)

I the Risk mod (Middle Earth Risk) the game looks a bit more like the original Warcraft game. The map is divided into territories, and every territory contains a couple of bases. By attacking and capturing these bases, you can control a territory. The more territories you control, the higher the income. Also, the bases can train different units – different bases means different units.

Run Kitty Run (1-11 Players)

When the morning is approaching, and you feel tired and unfocused, Run Kitty Run is the mod for you. By cooperation you and your mates have to run through 4 levels, without getting killed by the dogs. If you die, another player can resurrect you, by running over your corpse earning them both gold and exp. Those can be spent on abilities and items, helping you pass the increasing number of dangerous dogs. Yup – That’s it.

DotA (2-10 Players)

DotA (Defense of the Ancients) is the original idea, that later turned into bots DotA2 and the major success League of Legends. If you are not already into these games, or your mates are not, then you can always try DotA.

Download mods for Warcraft 3 here

Track Mania Nations forever (1-128 players)


Track Mania Nations Forever is a free racing game – it’s simple, yet it can be extremely hard for some tracks. For the multiplayer game part, there are different types of event to choose from i.e. racing for point every man for himself, or time trials where you will attempt to set the best time within a given time interval or amount of tries. You can also play as teams, which is great fun for everyone, even if the skills of the players are very uneven.
The game offers a great amount of tracks, from easy short one where you get to optimize your trajectory to perfection, to very difficult tracks, where the typical winner is the only one to complete the track. If that is not enough, you can either download more tracks, our build your own.
Track Mania Nations Forever can be downloaded free on Steam og here: Download Track Mania Nations Forever

Counter-strike (2-32 players)

This is a legendary game, and most of the people you invite for your LAN-Party, own a copy of this game. Personally, I prefer the old CS 1.6, but that is a matter of preferences. The old version exists as a non-steam LAN edition, or you can buy the original from Steam for around 13 € (15 $), and play it right away.
This first person shooter game can be played in small closed maps as fy_iceworld or fy_pool_day, where the rounds are short and duels are constantly taking place, or in more classical maps as de_dust, where different play styles and tactics will come into play.

Diablo II LOD (1-8 players)

Diablo II LOD is one of my favorite games of all time. It’s quite boring to play alone, but have a few friends join your party, and you will have a blast. I always feel the nostalgia as soon as the main menu theme is playing, or Decard Gain says “stay awhile and listen”. To spice things up, here is two great mods for multiplayer:
Slaughter Mod: In this mod you face 5 times as many monsters, which makes the game more intense, and allows you to level up a lot faster. This is great if you want to play for a couple of hours, instead of spending all night gaining enough levels to beat the game. In addition to the higher levels, you will find much more rare items, and complete a great build much faster. In nightmare and hell this mod is quite difficult due to the huge amount of monsters. Luckily, you can deactivate the mod by overwriting the patch file with the original one, and continue playing against a normal amount of monsters. This mod works only for version 1.09. Download free here.

Another interesting mod is the Nezeramontias mod. Unfortunately, this mod is only available for version 1.10, so you can’t switch between these two mods, without upgrading or downgrading (reinstalling) the game. Nezeramontias mod offers a lot of changes like 100 new monsters, new items, runes and runewords, the tomes contains 100 scrolls (instead of only 20), 6 new skills (i.e. exp bonus skill), max level is 750 (instead of 99) and much more. Download Nezeramontias mod free here.

Age of Empires / Red Alert (1-8 players)

The concept of these two games are very much alike: Gather resources, build a base and an army, and wreck your enemies before they wreck you. For Age of Empires, you can go nostalgia by playing AEO II. This version exists in loads of cracked transportable installations, and now in a new and improved HD version on Steam with better graphics. As an alternative, you can go with the newer Age of Mythology. For Red Alert the situation is the same: It has many versions like Command & Conquer, RA 1-3, Tiberian Sun etc.

Worms (1-6 players)

Worms is one of the best multiplayer games ever in my opinion. Every time I hear a worm saying something like ”special delivery” (well the Danish voices are way funnier), it takes me back in time.
The game is actually not that great for many players, since it takes forever waiting for 5 players to take their turns before you. Also, you might even be extinguished at that point. For games of 3-4 players, it is a great game, so you might want to set up a tournament.
You want to look for one of the 2D versions like Worms World Party or Worms Armageddon.

League of Legends / DotA 2 (1-10 spillere)

Both of these games are built on the Warcraft III mod DotA, and have both gained huge success. These games holds endless tactical opportunities, and you might get hooked! They are great for LAN-parties, where you can create team, and use your easier way of communication to your advantage, when playing against other players online. You could also create custom games and kick your friends’ asses one on one or 5 on 5.
Get started for free here: LOL (Remember to choose your region) // DotA 2

Achthung Die Kurve / Curvefever (1-6 players)

Lets end this article with this simple yet genius game. If you do not have an application on your computer, you can play the online flash version at Curvefever.
Simple as it is, it is like playing Snake, just with multiple players on the same field. Dependent on with version you play, your snake either has a special power, or will collect and use them, to make you stay alive longer, or to kill an opponent. It’s a quick mini game, but surprisingly entertaining when playing a few guys together.