A Quick Look At Portal: The Flash Version

Inspired by Valve’s fantastic game Portal, Armor Games and Newgrounds made a flash puzzle game called Portal: The Flash Version.

You may have heard of Portal and Portal to from Valve. The mix of first person shooter, puzzle and science fiction works incredibly well. Armor Games and Newground have created a 2D flash version of the game, and it captures the concept of the original game quite well.

Portal: The Flash Version is much simpler and much easier to get started with, compared to Valve’s Portal in 3D. The game is free and can be played at Kongregate. It doesn’t seem like much when you first look at it, but the last 10 of 40 levels are quite difficult, and you will have to use a few attempts to get past them.

Much like the “real” Portal, you have a gun that can create a wormwhole of two portals, and pick up items such as boxes and enemy turrets. The flash version is not surprisingly less action packed, but still as much a puzzle game. It offers a great challenge and great entertainment, but not for long, as you may complete all 40 levels within an hour, if you do not get too frustrated before that point.

The first 10-15 levels are way to easy, and could have been replaced by harder levels, as they serve more as a tutorial that actual levels. Once you reach the harder levels, you will feel the same challenge as in Portal or Portal 2. That also comes with the same frustration, as you finally figured out how to complete the level, but can’t seem to get the timing in place.

If you get stuck on a level, also check out our walkthrough:

Portal: The Flash Version Walkthrough