Doom 2 is now more brutal than ever before!

The brand new Doom 2 Brutal version 20, makes the game even more brutal and violent than any other game. Trailer and free download below.

Doom 2: Hell on Earth was released byt ID Software in 1994, and is by mane viewed as the mother of all FPS games. It sure is a classic, and many of us will still remember the cheats from our childhood, and be able to type “iddqd” in no time. Since then many mods have been developed, and have modernized the game with new weapons, a multi-player function etc.

This award winning mod takes the game to a whole new level. The games is more violent with blown off limbs and guts, brutal kill animations and lots of other stuff. I short: Your opponents will splatter more that in any other game. The chainsaw actually splits people in half. Besides all that you can fist fight, or deliver a deadly kick to the gut and follow up with a “go fuck yourself” while flipping them off.
Your weapons are upgraded heavily, giving you the opportunity to use dual machine guns, throw grenades and aim through the foresight. Also the options menu is expanded, letting you customize almost everything.
The only thing I miss in this mod, in the classical face in the bottom, getting more and more trashed as you loose your health… Unless of course you made him invincible, and will have to look at his creepy yellow eyes.

Brutal Doom Version 2 have been 18 months in development and in june 2015 – 22 years after the release – the game is still worth playing. See the trailer here, and find download link and installation guide below.

How to download and install Brutal Doom version 20:

Download Zandronum
Download Brutal Doom version 20 ()
– Drag brutalv20.pk3 and drop in onto zandronum.exe and the game will open.
– Enjoy

Short gameplay video:


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