Incredible Machine (Rube Goldberg) #1

This video is all the way back from 2007, and is made for a little competition. On the parkour and tricking forum Forum540, vi had a little group that was inspired by this video. On that background we decided on a little competition to do the best incredible machine. We where three contestants, and I won.

It took me three days, and it was impossible to move around in my old room. I was surprised how long it took to test everything before putting them together. Once I finally started to whole thing, they didn’t work after all, and had to reset it many times. In the end I lost patience, and edited together the part that failed. The machine worked, but not all of it at the same time. I do have another one that worked, and I will post that later on. As of right now, this video my is also my most viewed on YouTube.

Here is a little bonus:

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