Hiking and Snowboarding at Paul Ridge, Squammish

Backcountry in Squammish
Backcountry in Squammish

The mountain isn’t open yet, and everybody is excited to get up there and ride the hills. That’s why Alaster (my English roommate) and I went to Squammish to see if we could get some riding in. Alaster lived in Squammish for two years, and knows the area quite well. He drove us there in his truck, and then we hiked 8 km (639 vertically, 2 hours and 20 minutes total), before strapping in. It was so quiet up there, and if you stood still long enough, birds would actually land on you.

Some would say we are crazy, but we did in fact meet others up there, and those we met on our way down was excited and sorry they didn’t bring their skis.

It wasn’t quite 10 feet of powder, but it was a good day, and now the season has started.