Video: Canada/Whistler 2015/2016 season edit

Despite the fact that the edit was done a few months ago, it deserves a spot on the website. Here is my Canada/Whistler 2015/2016 season edit.

It was actually finished in July, but since my New York post, I hadn’t really used the blog (edit: it was only a travel blog back then). I really enjoyed writing a bit from time to time, and I have considered continuing after coming home. I bought a domain, and will try to blog a little from now on.

Here is my video from Whistler and Canada, that in just half an hour gives an impression of what we spend 6 months doing. The video is not just snowboarding, but just as much hiking, partying, bobsledding and having fun.

I am currently working on a similar video from mine and Andrews journey through the states. There are many hours worth of footage, so it takes a while. It’s coming…

Dennis Asp (DK)
Maja Nyholm (DK)
Mike McGlinchey (NZ)
Andrew Cheung (UK)
Alaster Osborne (UK/CA)
Robin Fechtel (DE)
Dan Davis (CA)
Simon Meierkord (DE)
Amy Knoll (UK/ZA)
Adele Nichole Bernard (UK)
Olly Plumb (UK)
Julian Wand (DE)
Karen Emilia (DK)

Mt. Douglas, Vancouver Island, BC
Goldstream, Vancouver Island, BC
Lynn Canyon, North Vancouver, BC
Alpine Meadown, Whistler, BC
Paul Ridge, Squammish, BC
Bounce, Whistler, BC
Whistler Blackcomb, Whistler, BC
Brandywine Falls, Whistler, BC

Thomas Bergersen – Promise
Etherwood – Weightless
Revolt Production – Gates of Heaven
Deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire – Ghost N Stuff
Galantis – Runaway
Jurassic 5 – A day at the Races
Worl-A-Girl – Jamaican Bobsledding Chant
Leroy Anderson – Sleigh Ride
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Hard to Concentrate