Crash Team Racing Shortcuts: Did you know all of them? I did not

I thought I knew most of the Crash Team Racing Shortcuts, but there are many more crazy shortcuts than I knew. That’s why I practiced all of them, and recorded them for this video.

After playing Crash Team Racing a lot as a kid (and later), I was under the impression that I had figured out most of the tricks in this game. But there is quite a few Crash Team Racing shortcuts that I did not know, and will save a lot of time – if you succeed, and not crash into a wall of course.

If you are aiming for a 101 % adventure mode completion, some of these shortcuts can earn you a platinum in relic races, without collection more than two thirds of the boxes. I did i.e. earn the platinum on Oxide Station in first attempt, by jumping over the railings two times, landing on the track below.

Some of these shortcuts are ridiculously difficult and will almost never succeed. Others can be used on every lab without weapons, with a bit of practice.

I this video I have used the mask for a lot of shortcuts, only to make it easier. Most of them can be accessed by using the turbo boost from sliding. I used cheats only to get the mask and wumpa fruits, instead of having to wait for them.

Crash Team Racing Shortcuts:

– Crash Cove – 1 shortcut
– Blizzard Bluff – 4 shortcuts
– Coco Park – 3 shortcuts
– Cortex Castle – 1 shortcut
– Dingo Canyon – 1 shortcut
– Dragon Mines –  2 shortcuts
– Polar Pass – 3 shortcuts
– Papu’s Pyramid – 3 shortcuts
– Mystery Caves – 1 shortcut
– Sewer Speedway – 1 shortcut
– Tiger Temple – 2 shortcuts
– Slide Coliseum – 2 shortcuts
– Roo’s Tubes – 2 shortcuts
– N. Gin Labs – 1 shortcut
– Oxide Station – 1 shortcut + 1
– Hot Air Skyway – 5 shortcuts + 1

Edit: I later realized that there was another shortcut in Hot Air Skyway: See it here.
And on Oxide Station: See it here

Racing by: Zord
Recorded from ePSXe PlayStation 1 emulator
Game version: Crash Team Recing NTSC (American version)

This post is also available in Dansk .