Agent 47 will reappear in new Hitman game

A new Hitman game was presented at E3. Apparently Agent 47 will have his comeback this December.

A new Hitman game was recently announced at the E3 conference, although very little was revealed. Agent 47 will not only be doing his comeback in the games, but also in the new movie Hitman: Agent 47 which will be in theatres August 29.

The new Hitman game should be released for download for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 8, followed by more free missions during 2016. The game will have plenty of creative ways to terminate your target, and the maps will be 6-7 times bigger than in Hitman Absolution. The game is said to contain around 300 levels!

3 locations have been revealed so far: A fashionable Paris map, an Italian coastline and a bustling Marrakesh market.

You can pre-order now, and get beta-acces on the official Hitman website.

Untill then: Check out the game and movie trailers below

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