TBT Nostalgic Games #8: FIFA 2000

I got this game for PlayStation 1 for my birthday from my cousin say… 17 years ago now. It has multiple layers of nostalgia in it to me. It has unbelievably poor graphics with pixels as big as bricks. At the same time, this was back when FIFA games was so simply, that you did not need to adjust aim og power. The was to ways of scoring: Run towards the goal and press circle, or lob it from the wings, spam the circle button and score a bicycle kick goal every single time.
Last but not least is some of the old teams that are no longer in the local Danish league, and legendary footballers that are no longer active. Here is a few matches:


Germany – Brazil – mighty football nations loaded with legends. Equal opponents, that did play 7-1 in the World Cup semifinals. Note these players: Jens Lehmann, Oliver Bierhoff, Cafú, Roberto Carlos, Emerson, Serginho, Rivaldo, (the real) Ronaldo (No. 9)


El Classico: FC Barcelona – Real Madrid – Note these players: Guti, McManaman, Anelka, Raul, Morientes, Guardiola, Luis Enrique, Luis Figo, Cocu, De Boer, Rivaldo, Kluivert.


Denmark – Sweden – Many good old Danish (and Swedish) stars:  Henrik Larsson, Peter Schmeichel, Thomas Gravesen, Marc Rieper, Jesper Grønkjær, Thomas Helveg, Allan Nielsen, Stig Tøfting, Jan Heintze, Ebbe Sand


Derby: FC København – Brøndby – now without pyros. A classic derby. Note these players: Mogens Krogh, Søren Colding, Per Nielsen, Ruben Bagger, Peter Madsen, Karim Zaza, Diego Tur, Todi Jönsson, David Nielsen


England – France – Two big nations with some of the biggest legends: Barthez, Leboeuf, Thuram, Zidane, Henry, Anelka, Neville, Beckham, Scholes, Owen, Shearer

Herfølge BK – Lyngby BK – two Danish clubs doing alright in the best league before disappearing from one day to another: